Wishing Well Inc. behind Secondary School breakfast programme relaunch

Wishing Well Inc. has given its commitment to a secondary school in Antigua to assist with a challenge that several schools face, but often are unable to solve due to the limited resources available. There is also the additional sensitivity around the topic as students are often ashamed to discuss their situation.
Every day many students start their day without having had a proper meal that morning or even the night before. It is well-known that poor nutrition could impact children and young adults’ educational attainment.
“Each year, we are faced with the realities that many parents have challenges in making provisions for their children and this has manifested itself through the numerous requests for tea or just simply something to eat as some encounter discomforts due to hunger. Sadly many of these requests are as a result of students having not had the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Often times their point of help is at the (school’s) office.
We thank Wishing Well Inc. for contributing to these efforts and being advocates for social change, one cup of tea at a time. We also want to acknowledge the efforts of president of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), who was instrumental in reaching out to various sponsors and for getting this programme back on track for the academic year 2016/2017.” – Mrs. Letitia Harris-Lawrence, Principal (Ag) Irene B. Williams Secondary School
Mr. Andy Hall, Sales Director of Horizons Supplies representing Wishing Well Inc., donated the first set of gift vouchers for the month of September to the Principal and President of the PTA of the Irene B. Williams School on September 13th 2016. Wishing Well Inc. will donate over ECD 10,000.- in the form of gift vouchers at the Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy until the end 2016 to support the breakfast programme initiated in 2014 by the Irene B. Williams Secondary School to provide a basic daily meal to the students who unfortunately regularly and chronically go without breakfast.