Sandals gives update on improvements being made ahead of December 17 opening

St John’s Nov 20, 2017: The Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa will re-open its doors to welcome guests on December 17th
Last week Friday, media representatives were invited on a tour of the property to view first hand some of the work that is being carried out.
The General Manager, Guarav “Mr. G” Sindhi said that “everything is on track for the promised date for re-opening”.
“The Bayside restaurant has a total upgrade from what it was, there will definitely be a different feel to it. The Courts Yard Beach Restaurant is also being improved, it will be outfitted with new tiles and other amenities and it will be something for our guests and team members to look forward to. It is going to feel newer, it is going to feel upgraded, even just walking into the lobby will feel different. We have changed some colours, changed some tiles so the guests are going to be wowed as well”, he stated.
The installation of a new 1300-foot seawater-intake pipe under the Dickenson Bay is among the major enhancements taking place with regard to property development.
According to the General Manager, the pipe will transfer water from the sea and across the property to what has been coined as a Seawater Intake Plant.
Sindhi said that the facility will play a major role in reducing the resort’s reliance on the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) for water.
“It is very important for us to be able to self-sustain to a much higher level than what the company has now and the water production will increase to 160,000 gallons. We recognize the challenges faced by APUA to generate water for its consumers and with our water-demand for 373 rooms and almost 800 guests, it puts a lot of pressure on APUA and that is why we want APUA’s focus to be on the producing of sufficient water for the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Now this does not mean that we will stop getting water from APUA. We will continue to purchase water but it will lessen our dependency”, he explained.
The General Manager maintained that the management of Sandals Resort International (SRI) is committed to the development of the brand in Antigua and Barbuda.
“We have a love for the country for 26 years, we continue to have love and respect for the country and we will continue to market what the country has to offer. We had to undertake this project to meet the demand and we just want to thank all of the stakeholders for their support”, he said.
The 700 team members will also be receiving training in preparation to welcome guests to the improved facilities in the weeks.