Galley Bay Resort and Spa poised for re-opening in December

St John’s Nov 20, 2017: The management and team members at one of the country’s premier couples only resort, the Galley Bay Resort and Spa, has intensified preparations to open re-open next month.

The property sustained considerable damage associated with the effects of Hurricane Irma and Maria in September. As a result, the resort had to close its doors for the first time in years.

The General Manger of the property, Alex de Brito, said that hard work is taking place to ensure that the resort opens its doors on December 23rd to both new and repeat guests.

“We are looking to open on December 23rd and we are working every day to try and get ready for that. We have already begun to market the property so that guests know what they can look forward to when they arrive. We had 16 rooms that were affected by the surge during the storms and we took the opportunity to expand, make them bigger build them over and all of the rooms will be outfitted with new amenities”, Debrito explained.

Changes are also being made to the renowned restaurants on the property.

“The Sea Grape Restaurant and lounge is also being completely refurbished. We are also working to ensure that staff accommodations are more comfortable. We will have more areas for guests to enjoy the hotel. The famous Ismay’s Restaurant is also receiving an upgrade. Guests can also look forward to improvements with the spa and also refurbishing all the public areas and we are also redoing the swimming pool. That is something that we are also very excited about, the swimming pool. In essence we are just using the opportunity to fully improve the property in a way that we have not been able to do because we are always open”, he explained.