Elite Island Resorts staff participate in beach clean-up activities

Staff members of the Elite Island Resorts in Antigua volunteered their early Saturday morning to clean beaches in observance of the International Coastal Clean-up activities on Saturday, September 17th 2016.
Galley Bay Resort & Spa, Jolly Beach Resort & Spa, St. James’s Club & Villas, The Verandah Resort & Spa and Pineapple Beach Club Antigua staff brought along friends and family members and joined forces to remove waste from various beaches in Antigua. More than 1,000 pounds of garbage (mainly plastic bottles, plastic bags, clothing and washed up debris) were removed from the beaches and bagged by the teams.
One of the staff members said: “When you see how much you have removed and how beautiful the area looks after clean-up, it makes you forget the hours and walking you put into it. We are very happy to have participated in this event and hope that others will team up with us next year.”