Grand Pineapple hosts Beautiful People Pageant Contestants

Guests and management from Grand Pineapple Beach Resort got a special treat when the contestants from the first ever ‘Beautiful People Pageant’ joined them for a private cocktail on Monday, June 17.  Adorned in colourful dresses and elegant sashes, the six beauties enjoyed mingling with the diverse group of visitors who were able to witness a slice of Antigua’s carnival during their vacation.  “It was great hosting the contestants and our guests were thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with them in such a meaningful way.  We anticipate a fantastic competition and the management team is looking forward to the big night on June 30,” commented Grand Pineapple’s Hotel Manager O’Brian Heron.

The competition is an effort to raise funds for the Beautiful People Mas Band, which is led by local fashion trailblazer Calvin Southwell  who said, “We truly appreciate the corporate support from Grand Pineapple Beach Resort and the delegates not only got the chance to sharpen their public speaking skills through their interactions with an international crowd, they were also able to showcase Antigua’s tourism product, which is crucial since they will be cultural ambassadors for this nation.” The lucky participants in this year’s spectacle are currently enduring a very demanding training schedule as they prepare to win the coveted title and become the face of the band for 2014.