Antigua and Barbuda celebrate appointment of Director of Tourism Canada

Evening Featured Exclusive Premiere of Antigua and Barbuda ‘Music Voyager’ Episode

Antigua and Barbuda celebrated the appointment of the new Director of Tourism, Canada, Mr. Colin Skerritt by hosting an event at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto on July 5th, featuring the exclusive premiere of the Antigua and Barbuda: Music Voyager. The event was attended by over 70 of the top-tier, media, trade, travel, tourism and Antigua and Barbuda diaspora partners. The evening was an opportunity for the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority to not only introduce Mr. Skerritt as the new face and leader in Canada, but to share the exciting growth of country and why Antigua and Barbuda has become the destination of the choice in the Caribbean in 2016 with an overall 14% increase of arrivals each month.

CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin C. James shared with attendees some of the reasons Antigua and Barbuda have seen such recent success, ‘Antigua and Barbuda has been laser focused for the past two years on exponentially growing the tourism industry, supported by a new state-of-the-art airport with increased airlift, opening of hotel plans and many more under construction, and product improvements across the island to enhance the overall visitor experience. This dedicated focus has resulted in double-digit increases in tourism arrivals that the Tourism Authority is only looking to improve on.” James explained why Mr. Skerritt’s new role is integral to this strategy, “With such strategic goals, we know that there are even more opportunities, particularly here in Canada, to increase airlift and visitors arrivals from Canada. Mr. Skerritt brings with him a wealth of experience and leadership in the travel and tourism industry, as well as expertise in selling and promoting Antigua and Barbuda, both professionally and personally as he is of Antiguan heritage. We are confident he will successfully lead the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority to great success in Canada.”

Guests were surprised with being able to view the exclusive Canada premiere of the Antigua and Barbuda episode of the award-winning documentary TV series, Music Voyager. The series reaches over 200 million homes, in 33 different languages, across the world, with additional viewings on over 16 different long-haul carriers and multiple cruise lines. The episode explores Antigua and Barbuda, through the eyes of co-hosts and guides, allowing viewers to experience the destination through a local perspective. Through interviews and travel, the episode brings vibrancy and life to Antigua and Barbuda by tasting the local food, visiting off-the-beaten path attractions and attending parties and hidden venues only the locals know. The episode unveils the true magic, mystery and music of Antigua and Barbuda.

The evening featured a cocktail hour and a 3 course sit-down dinner with every course named after a Antigua and Barbuda landmark. At the end of the evening guests happily left with gift bags filled with Antigua and Barbuda branded items, and the desire to visit the twin island nation.

The video of the event can be viewed, and downloaded here: