Kennedy’s Club launches “Learning for Life” programme

Kennedy’s Club Limited, in partnership with Diageo International, recently launched another phase of the ‘Learning for Life’ programme. Beginning on March 11th, 25 young men and women, currently unemployed, will participate in the 12-week initiative. They will receive training in bar-tending. The official launch took place at the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute (ABHTI) located at Dutchman’s Bay. The hospitality institution will also be the training site for the participants.

Tourism officials, representatives of Kennedy’s Club Limited, ABHTI staff, parents, and participants were present at the event. The 12-week programme aims to equip persons with the pre-requisite competencies and skills that are on demand; particularly, relating to the areas of hospitality and tourism. The participants will be taught to improve their marketability and economic circumstances and to raise the standard of the work force in the hospitality sector.

Facilitator, Allen Browne, will assist the participants in harnessing their skills in bar-tending, which he indicated goes way beyond “just mixing a drink”. He explained that the art of bar tending can be instrumental in changing a customer’s mood and enlightening their day.

Endorsing ‘Learning for Life’, Kennedy’s Club Limited’s Executive Assistant, Dionne Francis, said the company is very pleased to be associated with the internationally recognised adult learning exercise. She encouraged the participants to learn as much as they can from the training and expressed the hope that they will all have successful careers in the hospitality industry, if they so desire.

Tourism Consultant in the Ministry of Tourism and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the ABHTI, Shirlene Nibbs, said that the training which will be received is responsive to several needs that exist in the every changing and growing tourism sector. She also advocated for the participants to utilise the course as a platform for self-development.

“Use the time during the program to do some character development, you are going to meet different persons from all walks of life with different personalities and perhaps, you will be tested at times. It should serve to build you self-confidence, be creative as possible. These are assets of a bartender; you will also have to learn to work as a team”, indicated the well- trained professional.

AHTA’s General Manager, Neil Forrester said that this is the third time that Antigua and Barbuda is participating in the world renowned program, which was launched locally in 2012. Forrester explained that success in the industry stems from “being passionate about what you do; it is more than just making rum punch. It is art, it is fusion, it is bringing a form of science to life,” said the smiling Forrester. So far 140 individuals have successful passed through the training.

By Joanna Paris